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     At EVOLVERE, we provide our community members with various resources to guide their use of our platform and create a supportive community.

     Our Resources section includes our Community Guidelines, Terms and Conditions of Use, and Privacy Policy. The updated versions of these agreements are available here for your reference. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding any of these agreements, please feel free to contact the EVOLVERE team at

RESOURCES is a free digital mental health platform that aims to help individuals improve their overall health, by facilitating open discussions about mental health and providing youth and young adults with resources to help them actively care for their wellbeing. EVOLVERE Mental Health is not a service that offers therapy and we are not clinical mental health professionals. We are passionate non-medical professionals who support mental health awareness and education, and advocate for mental health for all.

     At EVOLVERE, we understand that the life of a student has its ups and downs. Although your time as a student allows you to learn about yourself and the topics that you are interested in, you may experience pressure about your grades and stress about your plans for the future, all while undergoing various life changes. EVOLVERE was designed by a student and uses peer and professional input to help other students navigate student life into their careers while optimizing their mental health, student life, and productivity.


     The word "evolvere" means to evolve over time by undergoing continuous change. At EVOLVERE, our philosophy aligns with the notion that we are all lifelong learners who can use tools that we have cultivated through personal and taught experiences to optimize different aspects of our lives.



EMPOWER you to advocate for your mental health


AMPLIFY your voice in conversations about mental health, student life, and productivity


EQUIP youth & young adults with resources to help them actively care for their mental health


FACILITATE open discussions about mental health




Our Catalog features curated articles that aim to provide insight and teach or reinforce skills that can help to improve readers' mental health, student life, and productivity. The articles that are published in our Catalog are developed in-house or in collaboration with students, graduates, and professionals.


Our Forum is a place for members of the EVOLVERE community to engage with other members, and create and share any form of content that expresses their emotions, sparks conversations and debates, and narrates their experiences.


Our free, multi-day Challenges give participants tips, strategies, prompts, and activities that they can act on. The goal of each challenge is to help participants actively care for their mental health, improve different aspects of their life, and boost their productivity.

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