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Tips to Exam-Proof Your Mental Health


How are YOU feeling about exam season? In our recent community event, we engaged with a panel of mental health advocates - including a therapist in training, podcast host, mental health researcher, and an award-winning health writer - and they shared their perspectives on why you should prioritize your mental health and how exactly to do that. Here are some useful tips and strategies to bolster your mental health as you prepare to tackle finals season! - Panel Participants: 1. Yasmin Thomas is a therapist in training, working towards her Master's of Counselling Psychology. 2. Angelica Galluzzo is a mental health advocate, TEDx Speaker, and host of "The Revolutionized Mind" podcast. 3. Rya Buckley is a Master's student in school and clinical child psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. 4. Simon Spichak is an award-winning science, tech, and health communicator, with a background in neuroscience. 5. Carolyn Tinglin is the Co-Founder & Chair of The Youth Alliance for Intersectional Justice (YAIJ), which aims to create spaces where youth, culture, and accessibility meet. - Our panel was a collaborative event between EVOLVERE, Neurokin, and The Hub UTSC 👇 ✔ At EVOLVERE Mental Health Inc., we are working to evolve the way that students understand and approach their mental health. ✔ Neurokin is a one-stop information shop for undiagnosed & marginalized adults seeking care for Autism & ADHD. Learn more about Neurokin: ✔ The Hub is U of T Scarborough's innovation centre and startup incubator, helping students & recent alumni launch successful ideas in research commercialization, social innovation, & business creation. Check out The Hub:




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