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The Fight For Tomorrow's Sunrise: Part 3 - Reflections

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

DISCLAIMER: This essay solely expresses the author’s views, experiences, and opinions, which may not represent the views, experiences, or opinions of EVOLVERE Mental Health.

This essay contains graphic descriptions of traumatic events and suicide attempts, mature subject matter, and mature language.

This essay discusses self-harm and suicide for the purpose of sharing the author’s experiences and opinions in an effort to help individuals who can relate to the author, not to sensationalize or encourage acts of self-harm or suicide attempts. If you or someone you know is considering, or have attempted, acts of self-harm or suicide, please reach out to a trained professional as quickly as possible by calling a suicide hotline or 911/your local emergency number.

Please consult a mental healthcare provider before creating or changing your treatment/therapeutic plan.

Reader discretion is advised.


Well… if you have made it this far… it is probably because of two reasons. First, it is probably like watching a train wreck that you cannot turn away from. Second, my story just might be that interesting. Either way, this last essay will outline what I have learned about Ontario’s dysfunctional mental health system at the hands of the associate minister of Mental Health and Addictions (MHA) and the Minister of Health; what improvements I think could be deployed within the MHA system to help make it more effective; and what I have learned about understanding the self so that the self can be understood, including which modalities have worked for me.